Date: Coming January 31/2024

Modelling Opportunity

Shooting Starr Photography & Shannon Avila Photography will be hosting a maternity content day for all photographers once again.

Bianca by Spark Studios is looking for a few expecting mothers to take part in our upcoming maternity photoshoot in Barrie!

Ideal models will be between 29 to 35 weeks pregnant at the time of shoot. Not a professional? Don't worry; you'll receive instruction from experienced photographers onsite. We also will provide hair and makeup services at cost. Plus, all models will receive high-resolution digital images taken by the professional host photographers.

Read the following and apply below if interested.

COST is $150 to be paid to the hair and make up team on the day of event.

To apply as a model, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Professional H&MU Team

When you arrive you will be directed to a professional hair and makeup team. This team will have you looking and feeling amazing and absolutely beautiful.

The fee to participate is to help cover your professional hair and makeup services.

Minimum of 10 Professional Images

You'll receive a selection of high resolution images taken by the host photographers. Our lead photographer has 12+ years in the field specializing in maternity photography.

With our talented group, you will get so many incredible shots.

Selection of Dresses

You will be able to choose to wear some of the most beautiful gowns and accessories. The value of the gowns available range from $350 and up.

Please bring your own shoes and white, black and neutral undergarments.

Our Location:

Bianca by Spark Studios in Barrie

Included is the use of the rented studio space for this event.

Bianca by Spark Studios is located at 40 Mills Road unit E - upstairs in Barrie, Ontario.